The Pros and Cons of Selling Your Business

If you are thinking of selling your business, there are many options to consider. Your first decision is what type of business to choose. What types of businesses are being sold? Is it for the underperforming stock? Are they being sold to a professional? Are they being sold for a person or for a family?

Based on your answers, there are thousands of opportunities out there to purchase a business. However, even with all of the opportunities out there, you need to consider who your buyer is.

Companies are buying businesses for many reasons; they believe they can save money and have a better return on investment. There are other reasons to buy a business as well. For example, different types of businesses are not always trading. If the business can’t adjust to market forces it may be a target to be liquidated. If this is the case more strict due diligence is involved; these companies may not be worth a large portion of your investment.

When deciding who you are going to sell your business to, there are more than just two interested buyers. Focusing on the benefits versus risks of the business, there are several business brokers and even franchise brokers that will work to acquire your business for you, but the broker does not take the bookkeeping needed to monitor progress.

Issues such as business taxes can make the difference between a quick sale and a longer process. Did the business pay sales tax? When this happened when and how is the business taxed? Are the balance sheet items showing an accurate balance of assets and liabilities?

The questions you need to ask About Business Selling are simple: Are you currently doing business and what is your business worth? Are you just putting your business on the market? Do you have another source for the buyer? What do your accounting firm and tax preparers do about these issues?

Once you decide to sell your business depends on how you conduct that sale. If you are a business broker you contact potential buyers directly, yet this is a marketing and selling process, and your market potential is not that huge. If you are working with an established buyer and marketing system, that really helps sell you may have more limited market potential.

Another option is to sell your business online. There are sites for different franchise opportunities. This allows a franchisor a place to market to the whole nation, rather than just to certain geographical areas, the buyers can choose where they would like to purchase. To be a part of a franchise system takes the sales process to be a much more defined and clean-cut process.

When selling any business, it is important that you understand the particulars of the sale. When you buy a car, you still got the vehicle and the problems when traveling to the new owner. At the same time you improve the business because you are getting that product at a better price, new working tools as they become available, new materials available, maybe better work trucks, delivery services.

On the other end of the spectrum are companies that have no other source. With a less than a fully functional website, there is no contact information provided. If a potential buyer is interested in purchasing a business, they need to evaluate the business from the outside to see if it is worth it to continue the process.

A good business for sale is determined by the business owner, by the products or services being sold, and the problems being faced. Do you have good working relationships with the individuals you need to have to work with and meet your business objectives?

The bottom line is you should consider the pros of the business and your different options from multiple business sellers. Underperforming employees, low gross margins, mismanagement issues, and nonstandard methods of charging for services can all be problems and result in a potential business being sold by asking for industry average pricing or a great sale price.

When selling your business or company, there are different methods of selling businesses at different times in the process and some people sell at the end of the business careers, regularly the real estate industry sells and deals like that.

For the corporate owner who needs a longer transition, however, when prospects are mixed at the business in monthly payments and payments are in the form of cash that stays low won’t be as attractive to always sell on a dollar basis. It could take a while to get a good line employee at your business back to your efforts, but it’s no better than if one quit.

In the online business realm, if a cash alternative is needed, this is not usually needed. There are many online businesses being on sale now and with all of the different methods of payment used, you may not even need to stay with one particular industry type. It all comes down to what your best method is for your business. Are you going to do with two or with one?

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